What is an international preliminary examination?

An International Preliminary Examination (IPE) is a second step to evaluate the patentability of an invention. Generally, people opt for this examination if they make any changes to their application. The changes can be due to issues regarding the application in the Written Opinion of International Search Authority (WO-ISA).

After an initial international search and the report published an applicant may wish to make changes in the international application in order to overcome challenging documents identified. This preliminary examination allows participating in the examination process and influencing the findings of the examiner before entering the national phase. The ISA conducts the International Preliminary Examination and produces an International Report on Patentability (IPRP).

This report is similar to the WO-ISA and allows you to assess the impact of the changes you made. Bear in mind, the IPE is an optional step, and you should opt for it preferably only if you make significant changes to your application.

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