How to enter the national phase in India and abroad?

Once you have decided that you wish to proceed further with your international application you have to enter the national phase. This requires paying requisite fees, submitting translation of applications in some cases. Every case is different and you will need to assess the state of your application in each country that you apply for. You must keep in mind the deadlines and respective due dates. Generally, you must enter the national phase of your application within the first 30 or 31 months of the initial date of filing. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you track your application status on a regular basis. Once your international phase is clear, you should start your preparation for the national phase.

We can assist you with drafting and filing an international application. Also, we will ensure that we support you throughout the entire patent process. Especially at the time you enter the national phase. Our team of experienced experts are always aware about the latest norms, rules and regulations.

A Quick Guide to Patents, Understand about national phase entry in International Applications

A Quick Guide to Patents

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