What is electronics patent filing in India?

Electronics patent filing in India is an online method of filing patents.  Electronics patent filing in India provides you with the platform to file your application electronically which is accessible to everyone. So, the process starts with signing in as an unregistered filer and ends on the successful completion of the patent filing.one just needs to register himself on the ipindia site to commence the proceedings of the patent filing. Using the electronic filing system, anyone with a web-enabled computer can file patent applications and documents without downloading special software.

New and enhanced features of Comprehensive E–filing services include :

  • Web based filing system
  • Dual way login (Digital Signature as well as Password based) and password re – generation procedure
  • Provision for filing of all entries as per Schedule 1 of the Patents Rules, 2003
  • Proper Validations with IPO Patent database
  • Facility to upgrade / update the digital signatures
  • User Profile
  • Improved procedures to minimize transaction errors

he Government has launched the system of issuing e-patent certificates after grant of patent. The salient features are

  • The patent certificate will be generated through an automated system after  the patent is granted by the Controller and shall be transmitted to the applicant concerned or his authorised patent agent on record to the email address recorded with the office.
  • The patent certificate shall also be made available along with status of the application concerned on the official website (www.ipindia.gov.in), so that the same may be downloaded and printed, as desired by applicants.

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