Can I access the documents in the file of a Korean patent application?

There are two ways to access the Korean file wrapper online:

  • Via the “Global Dossier” service, which you can access in the EPO’s Espacenet and European Patent Register databases. This service is an initiative launched by the IP5 offices, providing access to file wrappers from Korea, Japan, China, the United States and the EPO. For Korean patents, all documents in the file wrapper are available both in Korean and in an English machine translation.
  • Via the One Portal Dossier (OPD) database provided by the Korean Patent Office. This database shows the file wrapper not only for the Korean document but also, in parallel, for all family members from IP5 offices. For Korean patents, the documents are currently available only in Korean. On the “Searching in databases” section of the EPO website, we offer a search guide explaining step-by-step how to retrieve file-wrapper information from the Korean OPD service.
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