What is Design Patent Search? How To Conduct it?

Securing design patent rights is the most-sought after type of patent. As its name indicates, the design patent ensures the protection of the aesthetic aspect of the invention. However, the least type of patent secured is Plant Patent. So, if you are looking forward to securing a design patent, it is impertinent to conduct a design patent search. A design patent search refers to searching the existing patents to ensure that your invention has originality and the design is available for the patent grants.

The various industries for which design patent search becomes important are toys, furniture, hardware, and to name a few more. So, before you apply for patent rights, conducting a thorough search is going to be helpful. Applying for a patent grant is a time-consuming process. A small obstacle in the way of the patent prosecution cycle can hinder the pace.

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What is the importance of a Design Patent Search?

Before you file for a design patent, ensure to conduct a design patent search. By conducting a thorough patent search on the design aspect of your invention, you will find out whether the design is original or not. Along with that, this type of patent search reveals information on whether the same design is available for patent grants or not. A deep patent search on the aesthetic front of your invention can help you in avoiding infringement. For that reason, a design patent search becomes important since it helps you in avoiding designs that are already patented. This further helps in saving time and money during the entire process.

What Will Happen When You Don’t Conduct A Patent Search?

When you don’t conduct a patent search, there may be a possibility that you are going for an invention that is patented already. This will not only lead to wastage of your resources but also time and money. Even when you have not seen the design of the product in the market, don’t think it does not exist. To avoid infringement, make sure to conduct a deep patent search. You don’t want to spend your money just to see that your invention is not patentable. The process of acquiring a patent grant takes several years.

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How To Conduct a Design Patent Search?

There are multiple ways that allow you to conduct a deep design patent search. The applicant can choose to conduct a search on a commercial database or free databases. He/she can visit the official website of USPTO which includes all the patented designs. The applicant can navigate through the patent design to confirm if his/her invention features originality. In addition to accessing the USPTO’s official website, the google patent search option is another helpful source to fetch information about the design patents. The applicant must know that there are certain limitations to these websites. The USPTO official website, which includes the design patent, may take your time. Further, you may experience issues navigating through the website because of its slower speed. On the other hand, the Google patent search option is quite faster but it may not include all the patents.

The outcome is that the applicant considers that his/her invention is still available for a patent while that may not be the case. So, a strategic design patent search is mandatory to avoid any confusion.
So, if you are not sure whether you can pursue a particular design or not, it is a good idea to hire experienced patent attorneys to take up this task. Since they have better resources and more access to databases than businesses, their opinion can help in such matters.

Why You Should Hire YPT For Patent Search?

Your Patent Team has come together to help the inventor in the smooth processing of the patent application. Our team of experts has a deep understanding and knowledge of Indian and global patent laws. With its expertise, YPT provides end-to-end support to clients, right from conducting a patent search to drafting an enforceable patent application.

Your Patent Team’s patent search service focuses on the aesthetic part of the invention and helps clients in identifying relevant prior-arts. So, if you are looking forward to hiring experts for conducting a design patent search, look no further. Get in touch with us or click here to know more about our services.

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