Patent Illustration Services

Over the years, by offering quick, economic and accurate patent illustration services to inventors, patent law firms/ practitioners and corporations, we have established a name for clients to rely on 100% in any situation where they need the patent figures. No matter how complex are the patent (utility or design) drawings you are looking for, our draftsmen are well equipped to handle each of those with 100% compliance to patent office rules. Our team takes pride in keeping updated both about Using the latest software/technologies to cater to any and every output format that exists AND about rules / guidelines of all major patent offices around the world.

Why chose us?

✓ LOWEST PRICES OR WE MATCH (If you find the same quality at a lower price elsewhere, we’ll match it.)
✓ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! (Our work is not DONE until you are 100% satisfied OR YOU DO NOT PAY. Of course, unlimited iterations always included.)
✓ MOST FLEXIBLE OUTPUT FORMATS (We have the expertise and widest range of software/technologies to cater to any and every output format that exists.)
✓ EASY ORDERING, QUICK DELIVERY (Pressed for timeline, no problem – order in minutes and get output in hours).

Pricing (Patent Illustration Services) :

For Utility Patent Illustrations: Flat 999 INR per figure

For Design Patent Illustrations: Flat 999 INR per figure (per view)

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