About Your Patent Team

About Your Patent Team (YPT) – A Sagacious IP Initiative

  • YPT is a Team of 225+ technology/industry experts who speak inventor`s language and having deep understanding of Indian and Global patent laws.
  • YPT utilizes its knowledge of both patent prosecution process and patent enforcement to draft applications that are enforceable (even 20 years from now) yet sail through the prosecution saving you lot of money.
  • YPT always keeps client’s interest first and is always frugal with client’s resourcesEthics is #1 priority for YPT and we will never misguide you.
  • YPT ensures that you not just get a certificate after grant of patent rather you practically benefit from your protection. We will walk with you on-the-ground to make it happen.
  • YPT has unique understanding of global and industry wide IP best practices as it has supported 1,000+ clients from 45+ countries in multiple technology areas ranging from complex subject matters in life sciences/engineering/ICT to simple household inventions.
  • YPT has in-depth understanding of working style of each of the four patent offices in India and also of their staff members.
  • YPT has a good network within Indian Patent Office for expedited and accurate information.

Finally, YPT may not seem to be the cheapest option available but we guarantee that :

  • You will have the strongest and broadest possible protection.
  • You will end up saving lot of money during prosecution and after grant.